Clarke Equipment supplies only the leading brands of spreaders, and semi-trailers.  The products we represent are from family owned businesses, some have been manufacturing for over 100 years. We have been their customers for multiple decades..

We sell the products we use ourselves.

Bunning Spreaders are the highest quality, most reliable and economical spreader we can find. We operate a fleet of 14 Bunning spreaders with our original Bunning 150 having spread over 1.3 million tonnes and is still working today. Bunning have superior feed and spread pattern to other models on the market and is ideal for all wet and dry manures, biosolids, lime and gypsum, composts, mulch, woodchip and mill mud. Bunning really are the leaders in their field with machines built to last for Australian conditions.

Marshall Spreaders are Australia’s most popular brand of belt spreader with over 10000 Marshall multispread units now in use throughout Australia in a range of applications from broad acre cropping, livestock enterprises, poultry farms, vineyards and horticulture. Marshall Spreaders incorporate industry leading design, materials and technologies and are ideal for granular and crystalline fertiliser, manures, lime, gypsum, compost, seed and many other applications.

Sloanebuilt Trailers design and manufacture superior quality truck bodies and trailers that are nationally renowned for their strength, durability, and reliability. The large team of specialised and experienced staff can help you maximise your payload and productivity as well as meet all your legal weight and size requirements. With more than 100 designs we cover a whole range of industrial, agricultural, and primary industries from mining, construction, civil, farming, grain, quarries and the rest. Clarke Equipment became a Sloanebuilt customer in 1999, a deal done only on price.

With an emphasis on quality, performance, and reliability, Sloanebuilt Trailers have built a strong reputation as industry leaders for designing and manufacturing custom built truck trailers that provide reliability, longevity, and high standard quality finishes. With Clarke Equipment as Sloanebuilt’s largest customer, we know Sloanebuilt exceeds expectations